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Low Calorie Desserts

The Secrets to Low Calorie Desserts

low calorie dessertsAt first, I hung my head in despair at the thought of having to say goodbye to my dear old, sugary friends and switching to low calorie desserts.  It was time to start eating healthier and cutting calories, so I had to be brave and turn the spotlight on my dessert addiction.

I found myself sometimes eating more calories at dessert than I consumed from the entire main course!

Many people simply cut out desserts all together.  That just plain stinks.  There was no way I could go cold turkey and give up my favorite part of a meal.

I started looking around, experimenting with recipes, and happily discovered that there are many delicious alternatives to my favorite high-fat, carbohydrate-laden, dessert dishes.  A healthier dessert does not have to taste like cardboard!

In desserts, fats and sugars are the ingredients that really pile up the calories.  Replacing those things with healthier alternatives and adding ingredients like fruits and whole grains to your recipes will help to make dessert better for you and less of a guilty pleasure.

Check out a this great recipe for Low Calorie Banana Bread.

Where to Find Low Calorie Desserts Recipes

In the olden days, there were places called “libraries” and “book stores” that lent out or sold magical, strange things called “books”.  Unimaginable amounts of these “books” still exist, with thousands upon thousands of them available that are all about recipes for low calorie desserts.

Now we have the internet literally at our fingertips.  It is very easy to hop on your search engine of choice and find a bajillion healthier desserts that taste great and are better for you.  Search for terms like “low calorie dessert recipes” or “low calorie desserts”.

Of course, please come back here to the HQ often and check out the latest dishes I have tried in this healthier dessert recipes category.

At the market, if you feel compelled to buy a scrumptious-looking packaged dessert, glance at the nutritional information label first.  See how much each serving contains of your recommended daily allowance of fat.  If it is a high percentage, put the package down, walk slowly away and over to the fresh fruit aisle.  Also, always take note of the serving size and “number of servings” per container.  Sometimes what you might think is a single serving actually is two or more!

Change High Calorie to Low Calorie Desserts

When making your own desserts from higher calorie recipes, it is possible to substitute some of the standard ingredients with lower calorie alternates.  For example, in place of butter, oil, or margarine you can frequently use applesauce or another fruit puree.  Sometimes you can get away with substituting low fat or skim milk for whole milk or cream.  Experiment with lower calorie ingredient alternatives, and come up with your own healthier recipes!

If you are trying your hardest to diet, lose weight and eat the right foods all the time, it can be a real pain.  But if you look in the right places for healthier recipes, and are not afraid to experiment with different ingredients, you can happily include low calorie desserts into your meals.

There really are great tasting, low calorie desserts!

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